Darcy Donavan

Height: 5' 7"
Measurements: 36-24-36
Birthday: November 20th
Ethnic Descent: German/Italian/Brazilian
Birthplace: Florida
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Current Home: Los Angeles, CA

Darcy Donavan Biography

Darcy Donavan was born in Miami, Florida, and raised in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. As a child, she was often found performing her music at children's hospitals and raising money for many charities in Tennessee. A born performer, Darcy landed her first major acting role at the age of eight in a national television commercial. She also appeared in many theatrical productions throughout her childhood.

Darcy moved on to win numerous talent and beauty competitions, including the title of Ms. Nashville, Tennessee. She then began her career touring as a singer, releasing a self-titled album and opening up for many well-known artists in venues all over North America. She caught the eye of a renowned agent and was immediately cast in several national commercials, television shows and films.

With her career growing, she moved to Los Angeles, where she was cast in several top name movies such as "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," directed by George Clooney and "Showtime" with Robert Deniro. She also played the memorable role of "Sherry" in the comedic blockbuster film "Anchorman," starring Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate. During this time, Darcy also landed roles in network television shows such as "Nip/Tuck" on FX, NBC's "My Name is Earl," NBC's "Las Vegas" with James Caan and ABC's soap opera "Passions."

As she was filming various movie and television projects, Darcy released her next album, "Distraction." This album spawned several singles that gained worldwide airplay, had many sold out concert appearances, and accumulated over 20 million online listens as well as becoming a number one ringtone download on major cell phone networks in North America.

In 2013, Darcy was cast in the Amazon Studios comedy pilot "Browsers," about young hopefuls working at a Huffington Post type website. The show is a musical comedy in the style of Broadway favorite "Rent." Darcy captured the lead role in a soon to be released comedic film project by Leomark Studios in which she embodies several different characters, including undergoing a 6 hour makeup session to become "the Werewolf." Darcy's many acting performances established firmly her talents as a chameleon able to disappear into almost any type of role.

To this day, Darcy still continues to engage in her philanthropic work, speaking strongly in support of several charity causes including the Safe Passage organization supporting awareness of domestic violence. She was recognized as a World Peace Ambassador in 2009 and was featured on the cover and interviewed in the book "Dream Reachers" alongside such names as Clint Eastwood, Tanya Tucker, Jane Russell and Bette Davis.

Darcy maintains a strong presence with her online social networks and website, where she has influence to over a million fans who read and comment on her many posts and her 2 million monthly newsletter subscribers. In addition to being a multi-talented and triple threat performer, Darcy is an extremely savvy entrepreneur and writer. She has been working on her highly anticipated diet/health book and her spiritual autobiography that studio producers are looking to make into a film.

She has recently gone back into the recording studio to write and record some of her newest songs with top producers in the industry. Her latest release "Supabad" has been breaking the charts wide open. Currently Darcy is preparing a southwestern and nationwide music tour as well as starring in a new action/drama feature film to be released next fall.

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  • "Ms.Donavan is the most promising talent I've seen in the past 10 years"
    - Francesca
    Head Agent of Visionaire Agency, Los Angeles

    "Simply put Darcy Donavan is the "Total Package"
    - Jo Jo Gator
    President of Global Entertainment

    Rebecca Vincent

    Reel Vision Entertainment


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